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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter:the chp says the man took off running toward the bottom of the onramp.with the other officer in pursuit.until he realized his partner wasn't with him.and turned around to see that the officer was gravely injured. >>he was stabbed in the torso and upper neck and as you can imagine that is a very serious and violent attack and very tramautic to the other officer on seen with this friend >> reporter:the second officer gave up pursuit to render aid to his bleeding partner and called sfpd for backup. with the officer's and other witness descriptions police were able to track the suspect to inside the wells fargo at 4th and can see that location here in this helicopter video from our partnership with abc7 news. >> reporter:police say the suspect was taken into custody without incident and the knife was recovered. >>we dont' know the history of the suspect we don't know what prompted the attack on the officer >> reporter:the injured officer was rushed to sf
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general.the seven year veteran is out of surgery and expected to survive. his injuries were desribed by another chp officer as slash wounds. >> reporter:back at the scene. >> reporter:the essex street onramp was shut down for many hours as police processed the crime scene and questioned other homeless individuals in the area.they say the suspect will likely face charges of assault on a police officer.and attempted murder. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:most everything is in place. the turf inside levi's stadium is set and ready for action. the santa clara venue was glistening this afternoon in the sunshine. >> pam:with just five days to go before the big game. stadium staff is still putting in the finishing touches on the field and other club viewing areas. >> pam:the n-f-l and levi's staff. want the place to sparkle for super bowl 50. >> pam: and while the stadium is just about ready for the big game. the teams today were getting ready for their showdown at levi's stadium. >> pam: both teams talked to the media today. our team coverage starts with mark carpenter with the
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carolina panthers. >> reporter:i'm mark carpenter checking in at panthers camp down in san jose. despite the obvious enormity of the super bowl, the team is doing its best to maintain its routine as if they were back in charlotte. >> reporter:today, the nfc champions held no they've done all season and tuesday is a universal off day in the nfl. >> reporter:instead, it was another media circuit. players met with reporters for about 30-minutes.this session was much more toned down from yesterday's opening night event at the sap center. >> reporter:the panthers roll into sunday 17-1 and head coach ron rivera says he's doing his best to get the team to enjoy the festivities, but keep up its consistency that's got them to this point. >>ron rivera "it's about asking them, keep your personality. don't be more, don't be less. and by that i mean, don't shy away from the opportunities, but at the same time. don't go beyond that. they've been really good around that. and there is that fine line, again it's not just about me, shepherding them as much as it is their captains."
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>>cam newton "we had guys that were battling each and every day. that's what you want to see. we made practice game like, that's what coach stressed and harps on each and every day. for us to go through what we've been through, there was some tempers that flared and people had their opninions about that, but i don't know a team that's great. that doesn't make each and every opportunity that they get to try to get better and that's what we did." >> reporter:the panthers will meet the media once again tomorrow morning. and then will will hold a full practice at san jose state. >> reporter:and now for a report on the broncos, we turn it over to kron4's rob fladeboe. >> reporter:thanks mark, several story lines here at the broncos headquarters. among them, the importance of not falling behind early against the mighty panthers to the drama revolving around monday's freeway crash involving two of the denver broncos team buses. >> reporter: >> obviously is scared some guys. >> reporter:one of the first
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questions fielded by denver coach gary kubiak was whether any of his players were hurt in monday's rear end crash as they returned from practice at stanford. >>gar kubiack -- note. i think we are good as believe that that is behind us. everyone is ready to move forward. >> reporter:and then it was down to business. asked about his plans to stop carolina's cam newton, the bronco's head coach gary kubiak says as good as the panthers quarterback is, it's not not just about one guy. >> gary kubiak/bronco's head coach -- i do not think is about one player i believe it is about us as a team trying to run into these efficiently. we have to play good as a group. not about one guy. >> reporter:kubiak's players echoing his sentiments with the bronco's quarterback peyton manning, also known to have dominated a few games over the years, emphasizing the importance of getting off to a good start against the panthers. >>peyton manning/bronco's quarterback -- it does not mean that if you do not get off to a good
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start but chickened out when the game. we have gotten off to great starts the last two games. plant a catch-up game starting in first quarter. >> reporter:the one story line that has dominated the conversation here at times is whether super bowl 50 will be the last roundup for the 39 year old peyton manning, whether this could be his last game. so far, he's not saying. at the broncos hotel in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam: as the team prepare for the big game in the south bay. fans have been flocking to san francisco to super bowl city. kron 4's vicki liviakis is there tonight and joins us >> vicki: we are actually in super bowl city where all of the action is with energy zone. the fans have been stalking here as you say all day long. >> vicki: let's not forget
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is really about football. people are here from all over the country. no problem telling me about their favorite. >> a couple of years and we will be back. >> this is my first time experiencing its. i hope everyone had fun out here. we will take it! carolina, baby! >> i like the broncos! >> you already know! it is all about the raiders. >> san francisco! get some explanation. !! (cheers & applause) >> vicki: back inside, super
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bowl city. i will say it has certainly become very cold in here tonight people are putting on their jackets we will be back and i would introduce you to a couple who just got engaged here. as super bowl city, reporting live in san francisco. vicki liviakis >> pam: our super bowl coverage continues online at kron-4-dot -com. there you can find a list of road closures. and routed detours. >> pam: we also have a list of super bowl festivities scheduled around the bay area. super bowl city events. and you can find out how much tickets are, to the big game. >> pam: plus. there is a list of 'viewing parties'. in the bay area. your guide to super bowl 50 --- all at kron-four-dot- com. >>and for all your super bowl coverage--- kron four has got you covered. join us game day. next sunday, february 7th. for our 'super team' coverage. >> pam: join mark and darya starting at 7 a-m. when our coverage begins.
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and then. stay with us after the game, starting at 8 p-m, for all your bay area news and game highlights. >> pam: sports director gary radnich will be in -house for sports night live, starting at 9 p-m. he will be accompanied by a special guest, a former raider. >> pam: then, tune in for an news episode of 'the back story' at 9:30. right after sports night live. >> pam: raider fans - who want their team to stay put. might want to listen up. a former team executive. in town for the super bowl says, if she has anything to say about it--- the team will stay put. >> pam: al davis' son mark is unhappy with the coliseum, and frustrated by the city's efforts to build a new football only facility. >> pam: but former raider c- e-o amy trask. who was with the team for more than 25- years. believes there is enough room at the current site. for an a's baseball park and a raiders stadium. >> pam: she's also is big on going smaller. and more high tech. >> pam: a special meeting regarding the raiders future will be held tomorrow.
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between the oakland -alameda county coliseum authority. and raiders owner mark davis. >> reporter: how about putting a 40,000 seat stadium on that side?--site >> pam: other now. >> pam: the woman accused of stealing a campbell police car. and dragging an officer. has been arrested. 26-year-old itse murillo. faces several charges, including assault of an officer with a deadly weapon. and auto theft. >> pam: on saturday, police were sharmon palms lane. for a report of an auto theft. when officers arrived. a vehicle accelerated into a police car. >> pam: two men ran from the scene. but murillo hopped in a vacant patrol car and drove off. injuring an officer in the process. >> pam: the vehicle was later located. but murillo was not found until yesterday.
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>> pam: 22-year-old anthony reyes was taken into custody at the scene. but police are still searching for 35-year- old christian hernandez. >> pam: anyone with information is asked to call police. >> pam: the three men who escaped an orange county jail are back behind bars. with two of them facing upcoming trials. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with new details, on one of the men. and also a woman initially suspected of helping them. >> catherine:all three remain in isolation.after days on the run and an elaborate escape. >> catherine:today we learned that one of them - 37-year-old hossein nayeri - had been court-martialed for deserting the marines in 1999. >> catherine: he spent 47 days in the brig and received a bad conduct discharge in 2001. >> catherine: also - today authorities released this video - showing noo-sha- farin ra-vaghi walking out of jail with her lawyer. she taught english as a second language in the jail - and was detained
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>> catherine: on suspicion that she'd helped the men - possibly giving them maps. it was initially believed she'd some kind of relationship with nayeri.but the d-a >> catherine: later said there's not enough evidence to charge her. he said that love letters found - had been written by the inmate -- not her. >> catherine: still - she's been advised not to leave the region, as the investigation continues. >> pam: there is much more ahead at five. a home in san francisco. demolished because of concerns it may slide down a hill. >> pam: coming up. why the homes next to it. are not out of the woods. >> pam: plus a stolen pit bull is returned in the east bay. >> pam: we will tell you how the shelter got her back. and california's snow pack is at record levels. >> pam: but there is bad news tonight when it comes to efforts to end the drought.
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>> pam: movement continues tonight on that san francisco hillside, where one home has already been torn down, due to fears it might slide down into another home below. >> pam: you are looking at video of the neighborhood from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> pam: houses on either side of the one that was demolished. have gotten the all -clear, as have three homes at the base of the hillside, but, that does not mean they are out of the woods. >> pam: kron 4's dan kerman explains why. >> reporter:
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>> you'll is creeping down the hill and it is separating the foundation and the building. we have to get new tiers of foundation under the existing allport. >> reporter: the one to the cells will be demolished or not their risk of sliding for it at least not at the moment. >> our house did not move last night. that was a good feeling. >> the soil is still moving in the back. we think it is because the residual water of the long term to move the soil. >> reporter: the wrapping up
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the street, is no time of how long this has been happening. contractors say, since the leak has stopped. at the hillside has begun to drain. >> >> reporter: we may get even more answers on wednesday, the home owner's house was torn down. that will that they would drill on wednesday will have two purposes to remove water on the hillside and also see if the water main break was taken sitter factor of why this is happening. in san francisco, kron 4 news... dan kermsn >> pam: an elderly driver slammed into a store this morning injuring one person. according to walnut creek police. this is video from our
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helicopter partnership with sky-7. >> pam: just before 10:30. at the c-v-s pharmacy, at the countrywood shopping centeryear-old man. may have mistaken the gas pedal for the brake pedal. and drove his car into the store. >> pam: police say. potted flowers went flying, and hit a nearby pedestrian. so far. no details on the extent of the injuries. >> pam: and no injuries reported for the driver. >> pam: a pit bull pup. stolen from the east bay s- p-c-a over the weekend. has been returned. >> pam: yesterday, kron 4's haaziq madyun brought you the story of the dog being snatched from a volunteer, while out for a walk at the shelter. >> pam: he went back to the spca today. and was the first to report daisy mae's safe return. >> reporter:here she is, daisy mae back inside the east bay spca where she belongs. >>"yes a very happy ending, we found daisy mae this morning" >> reporter:jessica perrin is one of the spca staffers who took a drive acoss oakland to an animal rescue sactuary. she says the man who snatched daisy dropped
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her off here >>"we received a voicemail from the gentleman who ended up taking daisy mae, we found out that he took her to rocket dog rescue in oakland. i don't know if we know the motive? but he was definitely apologetic and sorry that he had caused such a ruckus with everything" >> reporter:as for the sudden change of heart for the perosn who stole daisy mae, deciding to return the dog? folks here tell me that kron4's coverage may have had an impact on his decision >>"i believe he saw it in the media, facebook and." >> reporter:uh, kron4 >>"yeah kron4! of course your story which was great!" >> reporter:she says daisy mae had a other than that she appears to be just fine. the dog was returned in time for a scheduled urgent vetenary growth on her skin. the man who grabbed the dog sunday appears to be off the hook.
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>> reporter:the spca had made a plea. bring daisy mae back no questions asked. >> reporter:and here she is! in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam: california got big water- related news on two fronts today. catherine is here to say. it's 'mostly' positive. >> catherine: we'll start with the good news for the drought. a record level snow pack in the sierra. >> catherine: after a pathetic showing last year - the snowpack is now more than double what itusually is this time of year. >> catherine: it's already about 72 percent of the april 1st average. everyone will also be watching that april number - since it typically predicts how much spring run-off will be flowing into reservoirs. the not-so-good news -- californians are falling short on conservation. >> catherine: the governor set a mandate of 25 percent -- but we used only 18 percent less water in december. >> catherine: still - california water managers
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meeting in sacramento said the state is still on course to beat its long-term conservation goal. >> catherine: him?--pam? >> pam: any more rain ahead. brittany! >> brittany:a lull between the storms and then we track another system by wednesday afternoon. clearing and warming up after that. >> brittany: we are already treking our neck system which will come in tomorrow. like rain fall is expected. with the mid-60s by the weekend. tracking id with a dry super bowl for you. so
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like radar shows all of the rain and light snow moved into earlier this morning. into the late morning hours. the next system will move in as we pushed into wednesday afternoon. a bit closer to 1:00. for your evening to meet. --comute >> brittany: drop down to 40 degrees overnight. 37 degrees for the inland locations. at the close, it will still be dry. we will begin tracking brain coelenterate and have more hour by hour for the next forecast. pam? >> pam: the race for the white house has a new front runner. after last night's iowa caucus. coming up at 5. a look at what is next for the candidates. >> pam: plus.
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>> pam: with the extra one - million people expected in san wireless carriers have been working for two years to bay area. to handle the extra use. >> pam: as our tech reporter gabe slate discovered, the bay area hosting the super bowl, is a major win for anyone with a smart phone
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>> pam: all the work done to improve the network for the big game. stays behind, improving the signal strenth for all of us after the >> gabe:i'm getting a rare inside look at verizon's bay area command center. i can't reveal it's exact location or show any video outside it's location needs to remain a secret. if someone wanted to take out a network they could do it here so this is considered a terrorist target. >> gabe:the countdown is on.
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verizon is going all out to be prepared for the crush of data being used during super bowl week. >> gabe:and this is ground zeroall the phone calls, the pictures and videos you post and send they all come through here >> gabe:in fact all the data coming the bay area comes through here on game day this command center will be staffed by a 100 specialists ready to deal with any problem that could arise. >> - phillip french -- earthquakes, active shooters, things like this can stress the network but we want to be ready. we expect over 5-6 times the amount of data during the game then a normal sunday football game. up to 4 terabytes of data. >> the difference in a super bowl berth as other key that it is five to six times the traffic during a game. ,
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such as a super bowl game 3 we've built the system to support much more than that. >> reporter:i've talked to at&t, sprint, and t-mobile. they have all like verizon invested millions of dollars building up their networks here in the bay area. >> we want to make sure that we have the capacity, a triple capacity in san francisco and double capacity and the surrounding areas. >> gabe:new towers, new data us it means stronger signals all over the bay area. >> pam: looking to watch the big game on a *new televison? now's your chance--- as kron four is offering all our viewers a chance to win a new big screen. >> pam: here's how to do it. first you have to 'like' us on facebook. >> pam: there. you will see a link the big game. you may want to hurry. as time is running out. >> pam: again. follow us on facebook for more information.
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>> pam: last seen riding a scooter, his name is eric snyder and he is autistic. we will have more details soon, and we will pass it along. >> pam: still ahead at five. >> pam: there is a troubling development in the spread of the zika virus. was spread in the united states. through sexual contact. >> pam: and it was a suprising night in iowa. next. how the candidates are now shifting their focus to new hampshire.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> last night the men and women of i was sent notice across the country that this election will not be decided by the media. (cheers & applause) >> as you can recall my luck was not that good last time all round. but it was wonderful to endicott this spirit and to have that experience with all of the hard work. the grass roots organizing pay off. >> pam: still no winner on the democratic side of the iowa say they're dealing with the event's history.
5:31 pm
hillary clinton's campaign, however, has declared victory over hotly-contested republican side - donald trump came up short against ted cruz. after the texas senator was declared the winner, the billionaire and unlikely white house contender vowed to bounce back in new correspondent ryan nobles is live in des moines, ia with a breakdown of the results and what it could mean for >> pam: 0 what a night it was, brian. --ryan >> reporter: the unexpected win by close on the republican side. also, the surprising surge by mario will bill. and donald trump. setting state for a major showdown in hampshire. the cash >> reporter: this for presidency were ready to move on from iowa. >> reporter: after vote
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totals leading bernie sanders with less than 1 percent and that this point. hoping that this will build momentum. at least in new hampshire. >> reporter: >> tonight, it is a victory for courageous, conservatives across ottawa and across this great nation. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: surging to a third-place, mario more mobile. -- >> reporter: well krill's andrew hill is filling confident this morning. donald trump is not going a way. --well approves
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>> reporter: while cruze is feeling confident. >> reporter: every candidate staking ground as the race for presidency is getting tough. >> reporter: there are three governors. who did not spend all that much time here in iowa. they are hoping that the conversation changes this time next week. pam? >> pam: a couple of questions the think we will see a more humble truck moving forward?--trump >> will happen with the cruised campaign during the caucus votes were taking place the secant and
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reported that ben carson will not go to new hampshire but floor that instead. the cruise campaign and took it hit incorrectly and late that information creek telling that the caucus sites to find a person reporters that he was dropping out. we had no idea if they had any impact on the outcome. carson came in fourth place. in terms of donald trump derrick he certainly became more humble in his tone with his speech last night but today he became more bold and breast that we are more used to. >> reporter: the polls also show that he was leading in ottawa. and we see how that turned out last night. -- in
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iowa >> brittany: are tracking another system. as we head into the rest of tonight we will stay nice and dry. we are dealing with those light showers. moving into our area bursting into the north bay. in santa rosa and raquel. as we get to--as we get ready to go home. >> brittany: as we head into our overnight hours. everything starts to clear up nicely so hour overnight lows, into the low forties for oakland and a big score for hayward and fremont the temperatures will start off in the '30's. if you are planning to hit out to super bowl city, we are looking at
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the low 60s. with even more sunshine. closer to 7 degrees. will have more in the forecast coming up! >> brittany:--closer to 70 degrees >> pam:a lull between the storms >> pam: catherine heenan is here with details on a problem discovered here in the united states. .. >> catherine: it's what researchers hoped wouldn't happen. not only is the disease spread through mosquitoes -- it's now clear that it 'also' spreads through sexual contact.and there's a case in texas. health officials have confirmed that this could be the first case of the zika virus >> catherine: spreading through sex - within the continental u.s. a dallas patient was infected after having sex with someone ill -- who'd returned from a country where there's an outbreak.
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>> catherine: health officials say there are no reports of zika being locally transmitted by mosquitoes in dallas county.workers in other countries, meantime, continue to fumigate against mosquitoes. >> it has made its appearance in dallas county. >> catherine: this is honduras. >> catherine: zika has spread to nearly 30 countries. just this week - the world health organization declared it a global emergency. >> pam: entertainer bill cosby was back in court today. for charges of aggravated indecent assault , brought against him by andrea constand. >> pam: she says, cosby drugged and raped her in his pennsylvania home back in 2004. constand settled for an undisclosed amount. >> pam: and more bill cosby news. a model has dropped her lawsuit which accused him of drugging and sexually abusing her. at the playboy mansion back in 2008. >> pam: federal court records show, chloe goins
5:38 pm
dismissed her lawsuit today. without any explanation. >> pam: still ahead at five. >> pam: yahoo says. it is cutting its work force. how many jobs are being slashed. ahead at 5:45. >>and next. the big star who will sing >> pam: the national anthem at super bowl 50. at super bowl 50. hickburger. onion strings, blue cheese and a1 sauce on a burger. only at carl's jr.
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>> pam: that's about 17- hundred jobs. yahoo will also close about five offices. >> pam: the announcement comes today as yahoo reports another quarter of declining earnings. under the helm of c-e-o marissa meyer. >> pam: she told investors today. its core businesses. and alternatives. which some observers say means yahoo will sell off some of its web products. >> pam: a bad day on wall street. as the price of crude oil and natural gas took another tumble. the dow dropped 295 points. >> pam: the s and p lost 36 points and the nasdaq gave up 103 points.
5:48 pm
>> pam: but there is some good news about the markets. rob black >> reporter: a couple years back apple had a phone and they were the biggest at that point in time. they have done a good job. google, about 32 percent of the market stayed ahead of facebook. other revenue toward the application store. seoul, for now until apple comes out with their new fall. google will be the king at for quite a while. >> reporter: white is oil crashing like this? >> it is wonderful if you are a consumer. last week
5:49 pm
there was a rumor that soviet radio would cut production which would stop it from ballooning. but they say no, they are not going to do that last week, but from 28 to 35. slightly above 30 today. as oil goal, so does the stock market. >> reporter: it i sell my mutual-fund? i am 35 years old. >> it depends on how diversified those mutual funds are. i do not have a blanket answer for you print it is time to start figuring out a plan. >> reporter: if you have a question for rot posted on his facebook page. --rob
5:50 pm
>> pam: severe weather - a howling storm that dumped more than a foot of snow on some parts of colorado is laying it on bringing with it the potential for severe tornadoes elsewhere. sent: 430 words, photos. >> pam: this, as airport officials were bracing for the mass media and visitors for the iowa caucuses. >> pam: while many flights were on time, five early morning flights were canceled to denver. that left more than 5- hundred passengers trying to rebook later today. >> pam: foley reminds passengers to show up 90 minutes ahead of as the storm moves across the country. a lull between the storms and then we track another system by wednesday afternoon. after that. >> brittany: we do have a little bit of rain fall. into the afternoon. we are dealing with cloudy skies. a little bit on the cooler side. our satellite will
5:51 pm
shows and the deft touch a few clouds. approaching the north today. we are tracking the next system heading into tomorrow afternoon. >> brittany: 11 noticed the clouds coming into the north bay first period and then moving for accurate--moving onward. >> brittany: we are still dealing with a few lingering showers at 8:00 p.m.. overnight hours on wednesday and thursday we will see more sunshine. same thing for friday and saturday and most importantly for super bowl sunday. >> brittany: we will continue to warm up. as we head into sunday, a stadium temperatures are closer to
5:52 pm
70 degrees. overnight, to purchase would drop to the '40's. if you closer to hayward you will be more into the 30 degree temperatures. >> brittany: we will start warming things up as we head into the rest of the work week. friday, into saturday and sunday the temperatures will be more in the seventh degree readings. --satiny degree-- seventy degrees >> pam: coming up >>i'd better not be on channel no i didn't touch it >> stanley:superbowl city where raiders holding hands, i mean footballs . i spend some time in there i'll show you what i found in the next
5:53 pm
edition of people behaving badly.
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>> pam: it is a week- long block party, ending with the denver broncos and the carolina panthers, competing in the super bowl, >> pam: the block party is taking place right now at justin herman plaza in san francisco. and of course kron 4's stanley roberts showed up to badly. >>hey guys welcome to superbowl city security checkpoint straight ahead >>yes welcome to super bowl city with where tacos cost
5:56 pm
10 dollars a pop >> stanley:tacos are 10 bucks, i get them at the taco truck for 10 dollars hahahaha >> stanley:where there are signs that francisco it's always opposite day especially when it comes to a giant hand holding a football made of cans >> stanley:some people lean on it and some people never read the signs >> stanley:hey it says don't touch >> >> stanley:this guy on the little river >>yell out im behaving badly badly chicago man chiray you read that sign down there chicago what that sign say >> stanley:wait for it >>i didn't touch just did that it i better not be on channel 4 dude >> stanley:my favorite line >>what you going to do give me a ticket i got caught
5:57 pm
behaving badly >> stanley:well done! >> stanley:it's a place where raiders fans and niner fans hold hands, i mean footballs and people wandering endlessly staring at their phones >> stanley:and of couse this guy for a very long time dispite the fact that super bowl is sponsored by pepsi being the rebels that we are you will find a coke bottle >> stanley:you drinking coke, cause >> coke taste better i'm not going to lie to ya hahahaha >> stanley:with a splash of henney . probably not a sponser either >>baby i'm worth it >> stanley:and what would an event be like without a half naken man in a sandwich board matillica >>am i behaving badly yea .oh well i had two beers but that's just to keep my >> stanley:whoa too much information >>oh this uy has a sign that reads ask me
5:58 pm
>> stanley:my question is whats the is the hypotenuse of a circle there is no hypotenuse of a circle it would be a circumference of a circle >> stanley:this is one of the most protected events ive ever seen. so you heading down to pees' and qs and put your gargage where it belongs in super bowl city stanley roberts kron 4 news ÷h,z/
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron
6:00 pm
4 newsroom. >> pam: again, this is breaking new as he was seen about two hours ago writing his scooter. his name is eric snyder. if you have seen him please contact the police immediately. >> pam: now, in every home owners hoping that they are not next. this is a video courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc seventh news. a water main break is believed to be the cause of the slide. which forced the american--which forced the in march and the demolish demolition of that $2 million home. as kron4-and permit explains nearby homes are not in imminent danger.
6:01 pm
but there are still concerned and it is a lot of work to be done. >> of course, we are worried every day. >> reporter: it was saturday, when the utility commission discovered and 8 in. cast our water main break. at red church just up the street. it is unknown how long water had been played out of the pipe buried residents are convinced that is likely causing the problem that they have been having. >> it was leaking at that rate it could have led to that type bursting. >>--pipe
6:02 pm
>> reporter: the source was never determined. it has so far been able to confirm this. they have responded to the leaks and what they have done about. the hillside is starting to train derrick on wednesday, a watering well will be drilled. >> reporter: the other purpose is to find out if the water main break was a contributing factor to this lighting that was going on to the street. dan kerman, kron4news >> pam: a c h p officer is recovering from step wounds to the neck. after being attacked by a homeless man. this happened just after 10 and the morning. on the
6:03 pm
asset street on grant to the bay bridge. kron 4 maureen kelly reports this occurred in front of a homeless encampment. >> reporter: the confrontation happened as to see h p officers were responding to a 911 call about a pedestrian walking and the roadway. on a threat to the bay bridge. they stopped a man standing in front of the homeless encampment on the side of the on ramp. and that confrontation quickly escalated. >> reporter: the suspect allegedly slashing one of the officers in the neck with a knife. and then ran away. soon after s f p d track of suspect to the wells fargo at fourth and brandon. you can see that location here in this helicopter video from our
6:04 pm
partnership with abc seven news. >> reporter: police say the suspect was taken into custody without incident and the knife was recovered. he will likely face charges of assault on a police officer and attempted murder. the injured are officer was rushed to ask ask general. the seven year veteran is out of surgery and expected to survive. >> it is a sad story but i am glad they caught the guy. >> reporter: some people who work nearby says that the income has brought up as the city has been cleaning up for the super bowl 50 celebration. ever since the super bowl more over here cleaning out the city not pay attention to where they are going. >> reporter: the man i spoke to us as he was not there when the incident happened the says he cannot leave any of the other people who camp
6:05 pm
there could be responsible for stabbing. he wasn't surprised to hear that the suspect is homeless. he says of the people living on the streets here are mentally il creek maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> pam: good news reports they have found eric snyder. >> pam: new at 6. the driver suspected of a hit and run and fairfield that ended a five year old child has been taken into custody. from 5:00 yesterday fairfield police say a taussig referred severe injuries when he was struck by a bill in the middle of san marco st. the driver ran from the scene but police say, a vehicle matching the description was recorded one surveillance video. officers were able to locate that suspect vehicle and arrested 19 year old. on suspicion of hit and run causing injury.
6:06 pm
>> brittany: the rain fall will move in interest and it will lend their closer to the time you leave from work. you will see widespread light rain shower. >> brittany: it is planned to take a little while to get there in regard to temperature's rising. we will go into the high 60s print we are tracking a dry super bowl for you. >> brittany: we are checking on that system that is well off the shore. i will have more details for you and a hour by hour breakdown. pam? >> pam: super bowl fever. kicking into high gear across the bay area. fans
6:07 pm
are flocking to san francisco to take part in the festivities. leading up to sunday's big game between the panthers and broncos. kron4 the key live beyond this is like at the super bowl city in the heart of the city were plenty of football fans or out today. the key? >> vicki: yes pam and they are still streaming in. folks are coming from all over the bay area and the rest of the country. for the food, a football fan experience. i even met a young couple who came here to get engaged. >> vicki: what is your name? >>frannie >> vicki: clearly you are a
6:08 pm
raiders fan? >> absolutely >>music >> vicki: and, we are back your live in the middle of super bowl city with the activities going on until 9:00 tonight. we will stick on run to see what else is happening at in a clot. reporting live in san francisco. kron 4 news. >> pam: back here live. superable 50 is just days away and the national football league has a big
6:09 pm
start to sink the gains national anthem. it is lady gaga. the next couple ball league says she is set to sing at lead by stadium on sunday. >> pam: academy award winning actress marlene matt went will perform in american sign language by the star spangled banner. >> pam: lady gaga upcoming performance this weekend is another notch on her belt and she just won a golden globe and is nominated for best original song at the academy awards. taking place later this month. >> reporter: pope super bowl teams again faced off with the media today. we have coverage from old team hotels kron4 mark carpenter
6:10 pm
is with the carolina panthers in san jose. but we begin now with the latest on timber proposal kron4 rob fladeboe. >> reporter: i am here at the broncos' hotel in santa clara where the coach and several players held court on tuesday in a wide-ranging conversation about the coming match up between the league's creek best offense birds is the league's best defense. >> reporter: both teams have good defense argues several bronco players. will it come down to which the team has the best quarterback? not that simple says the proposed peyton manning. >> reporter: as for men coach gary to be at, the key to contain the panthers cam newton is discipline. players got the rest of the day off. some are said to be seen site here in the bay
6:11 pm
area, possibly claim a visit to super bowl city while others are no doubt using the free time to get some rest. now let's head down to san jose will kron4 mark carpenter has the latest on the carolina panthers. >> reporter: i am mark carpenter checking and at the panthers camp in san jose. the an f c champions do not begin practice until tomorrow, so today was another circuit with the media. and just like last night, the man drawing the biggest audience was quarterback kim newton. >> reporter: and why not. he has the heavy favorite for the year's most valuable player award and he is having the best year of his career, leading the panthers to a 17-1 record. if he is
6:12 pm
named m d p m when sunday, he will be the first player in history to claim a heisman trophy, national championship, national the ball league m v p and superbowl. he attributes his stride and success to lessons learned from his father. >> you know, if you are great at something you are going to always be compensated for it. whether you are the best fire fighter, the best police officer. you are the best artist, the best rap for, that's preacher, basketball or football player, you are talent your skill alone will get to compensate it for what you want and this life. i am happy that i had the influx of people like my father and that carried to this point that i am at right now. >> reporter: the tenters-to-
6:13 pm
the panthers will meet with reporters once again tomorrow morning and then will hold a full practice as san jose state. >> pam: our ysabel coverage is not over. at 645 gary is here with the hall of fame and 49 great who decided to moonlight as a global drive for today's tip allow for moonlight as a global drive for today's tip allow for that. epedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now.
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6:16 pm
>> pam: a dognapper, feeling the heat from the media, decides to return a pit bull that he stole from an east bay animal shelter. however he different shelter. a woman who works there tells kron4's haaziq madyun, what the man told her, about why and he sold the bulk. -- why he stole the dog. >> reporter:the man who stole daisy mae from the east bay spca in oakland on sunday did not here. no! instead he showed up across town tuesday morning, with daisy, on the door steps of rocket dog rescue urban sanctuary >>"we've had plenty of dogs dumped here but nothing like this has ever happened before" >> reporter:wren kellogg was here when the dognapper arrived
6:17 pm
>>"he had her wrapped up in a sick dog. i told him we are not a vet hospital. he kept to go back to the east bay spca. he was really upset. i finally figured out and said wait are you the guy who stole the dog from the spca? he said yes! i need to get her back" >> reporter:he left daisy mae at rocket jessica perrin at the spca got a call to come pick up pit bull >>"she was very happy when she walked through our doors, tail wagging and all of the staff greeted her, they were really excited to have her >> reporter:the big question is why did first place? wrenn kellogg says he put it this way >>"he was going through divorced and couldn't keep the dog there last week and wanted her back, according the same dog" >> reporter:in fact officials at the spca told me that daisy has been with them since november of 2015. the good news for daisy mae is she is back in time to receive medical treatment for a cancerous skin growth. after that she will be back on the someone to take this cutie oakland haaziq madyun kron4news return to >> pam: the san francisco s- p-c-a is also caring for six border collie puppies. that were dumpster. the s-p-c-a says a hair salon worker was taking out the trash last week. when she saw something move inside another trash bag. >> pam: when she untied it,
6:18 pm
she found the 4-month old puppies. their medical evaluations aren't completed yet. but vets say they appear healthy. >> pam: the agency is asking for donations to cover vaccines and other expenses. return >> pam: big concerns over the safety of the water in stockton. >> pam: now a high-profiled environmental activist is getting involved. >> pam: last month, the city started adding chloramines to the water supply after it failed water purity tests. >> pam: last night, activist erin brockovich took part in a town hall meeting to discuss the issue. >> pam: water officials say they have to treat the water, because it contains organic material. >> pam: the city insists the chemical is safe but brockovich says chloramines are a cheap, expedient solution which generates potentially dangerous and unhealthy byproducts. >> pam: stockton residents say they don't know who to trust.
6:19 pm
>>"you know, stockton already has lots of disadvantages, and we don't want to be just not cared about. we want our city officials to really care about us. you know, it doesn't matter what education we have, what color, what socioeconomic want them to care in every way. our water is essential to our life." >>city officials say a filter system to eliminate the organic material would have cost 15 million dollars. >> pam: it cost just 4 million to add chloramines to the water. return to index of >> pam: a lot of us remember that sad snowpack survey in the sierra last year -- when there was almost no snow to measure.because of the drought. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with today's much better results. >> catherine: the people who measure the snowpack 'knew' it would be much better. but even they were pleasantly surprised by what happened. >> catherine: the sierra snowpack is more than double what it usually is this time
6:20 pm
of year. >> catherine: it's already about 72 percent of the april first average. >> catherine: that's good news for the drought -- and if things continue to go well - it means >> catherine: the spring runoff into reservoirs will improve. >> catherine: still - 'other' news from the state water resources board isn't so good. it shows that californians are not conserving enough water. >> catherine: governor brown set a mandate of 25 percent. but residents saved only 18 percent this december. >> catherine: water managers are still hopeful the state is on course to beat its long-term goal. >> brittany:a lull between the storms system by wednesday afternoon. >> brittany:clearing and warming up after that. return to index
6:21 pm
>> brittany: it will not be until noon that to realize the system is moving in. closer to 8:00 p.m. still dealing with scattered showers. it will be an evening system bringing light rainfall. >> brittany: thursday and friday lots of sunshine headed for us. warmer and drier conditions as expected. by 3:00 p.m. 63 degrees and on sunday, more sunshine and even warmer with temperatures for the close to 70 degrees. as we get into the rest of
6:22 pm
tonight, we will start and a core part of tomorrow morning. we would drop down in the 40 degree temperatures. same thing for concord and vallejo. and napa up. we will get back into the mid-'50s. and a vigilant, as we head into the weekend left for to the 60 degree temperatures. >> brittany: take a look at friday. ms. 60 degree reading. and we get warmer as we head into next week. next monday, and tuesday we are in the seventh degree temperatures. --70 >> pam: up next. >> pam: the zika virus.continues to spread out of control. out of control.
6:23 pm
at carl's jr.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> pam: now.the first case of the virus being contracted within the united states. >> pam: catherine is back with that story. return to index of >> catherine: a chilling development today in the fight against the fast- spreading zika virus - which has been traced to birth defects. we know that the disease is spread through mosquitoes. >> catherine: today health officials in dallas county - are confirming what appears to be the first case of zika being spread through sexual contact in the continental u.s. >> catherine: a patient in dallas became infected after having sex with a person who'd traveled to one of the dozens of countries stricken with the virus. >> catherine: there are no reports of zika being transmitted by mosquitoes in dallas county.but this link to sexual contact is disturbing.
6:26 pm
>> catherine: one of the more unusual reactions to the zika indian car maker is scrambling to come up with a new name for its latest hatchback. the company - called 'tata' - had planned to call this the "zica' - spelled with a c instead of a k. >> catherine: but everyone agrees the name frightening disease.which has now spread to nearly 30 countries. >> pam: next at 6-30. >> pam: the dust has settled from the iowa caucus. now the presidential candidates are zeroing in on the next week's new hampshire primary. >> pam: plus, the warriors.back east tonight gearing up from wizards and a meeting with president obama. gary's here with sports at >> pam: 6-45. >> pam: and concerned residents in that san francisco neighborhood where saturated soil has already forced one home to be
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> reporter: the cleanup continues for one home where it began to slide. based started to combat the soil by cleaning up the house. the home owners who house was pulldown had a watering well on the hillside. >> reporter: san francisco ac etch peak officer was stabbed by a homeless man
6:30 pm
print this violent encounter happened here on the on ramp to eastbound i- 880. the homeless man in front of this encampment was stabbing the officer. the injured officer questioned--was rushed to as app general print maureen kelly kron 4 news. --was rushed to sf general >> i believe he sought it and the media. --saw >> he saw your story brick
6:31 pm
the dog was great when he came to the door. >> reporter: your at their hotel and santa clara current the denver broncos made themselves available to the media this afternoon to >> ugric blood stains, the broncos and the panthers. --two great football teams. >> reporter: and san jose, the santa clara panthers met with the media. for about a half an hour. much more laid-back than last night. the head coach talked about the importance of maintaining and routine. >> not be more or do not be
6:32 pm
less accurate do not shy away from the opportunities but at the same time as look beyond that. report >> reporter: dan in san jose mark carpenter, kron4 news. --reporting and san jose. >> pam: iowa caucus latest- landingthe iowa caucuses are officially in the books. >> pam: hillary clinton and ted cruz.the big winners of the of the election season. >> pam: clinton, narrowling edging senator bernie sanders 49-6 percent. >> pam: on the republican side.ted cruz topping donald trump 27-percent to 24- percent. marco rubio coming in a close third. >> pam: as steve nannes the focus shift's to next week's new
6:33 pm
hampshire primary. >> reporter:after months of campaigningthe candidates have moved on to new hampshire. >> reporter:ted cruz may have bested fellow republican candidates donald trump and marco rubio in monday's caucuses. >>so what a victory last night. >> reporter:but in new hampshire, trump leads in the polls and rubio is expected to be a formidable challenger. >>we need to unify the conservative movement and the republican party. i can do that better than anyone that's running. we need to grow it, i can do that better than anyone who's running and we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> reporter:hillary clinton won the iowa caucuses over her democratic challenger bernie sanders by a razor thin margin. >>presidential candidate i am so thrilled that i am coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! (cheers & applause) >> reporter:and sanders, a senator from nearby vermont is well-positioned to win next tuesday's contest, which could make this a prolonged primary battle.
6:34 pm
>>presidential candidate we are going to fight really hard in new hampshire and then we're going to nevada, going to south carolina. we look forward to doing well around the country. >> reporter:with the first contest in the books, the 2016 hopefuls are wasting no time courting voters in the next campaign battleground, as a win in the granite state could swing the momentum once again. >> reporter:i'm steve nannes reporting. >> brittany: it was a little bit silly today. but soon we will warm things up and the 70 degree temperatures. >> brittany: ahead into tomorrow, we are tracking on another system already. by the time you head home from work you noticed that it will be a little different. tonight, once we are done with the system we will state ninth, it dried at the
6:35 pm
1. --we will stay nice and dry after that system. >> brittany: you would deftly need a jacket as you head out of the door tomorrow. >> brittany: mall, we will push into the 50s and stellar fell in the same thing kidnap bucker it and 57 in fremont. that is the beginning of the warming trend pushing to the mid to high sixties. by time, superbowl 15, around. -- super bowl 50 >> brittany:pam? >> pam: still ahead.a colorado woman is on a
6:36 pm
mission to make sure her goats stay nice and warm during super bowl sunday. >> pam: the tall task for this rabid broncos fan. return to index (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> pam: here is something you don't hear every day... >> pam: police in the netherlands want to train... eagles to take out drones. >> pam: the dutch national police are testing out eagles that target the unmanned devices that some consider a nuisance. >> pam: the bald eagles have been trained to swoop in and neatly dispose of any unwanted electronic interlopers. >> pam: the dutch company that came up with the idea calls them a "low tech solution for a high tech problem." return >> pam: football fans have unique ways of showing support for their teams. and that can be said for rebecca herberg...who is doing just that at her colorado goat farm. >> pam: herberg is making broncos goat coats to keep her babies warm.
6:40 pm
so far there are 14 coats. >> pam: she has one-hundred and fifty goats to be exact. but everybody gets their fair share of warmth... synopsis : colorado montrose >>trt:07/ "gets a sweater" >> pam: the girls get orange and the boys get blue. >> pam: herberg wasn't always a football fan... but she's grown to love the broncos. the herbergs will be cheering on the broncos on sunday...with all 14 goats included.
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: good evening everyone! >> gary: lee by stadium,
6:44 pm
they were getting that they be ready. that was quickly corrected. everything looks like it's coming together and will be ready to go. the main thing is the weather. upward of 70 degrees. >> brittany: >> gary: the carolina panthers, without going into too much detail. many moons ago eugene robinson, superbowl in miami got into some trouble. with the players, this is a free night. it will lead the south bay and the way around in the city. just to warn them that you do not want to get too happy. with the bid price coming up on sunday. --big prize
6:45 pm
>> gary: the media had to ask cam newton about being a black quarterback. >> think is bigger than labeling ourselves. i want to bring awareness because of that. i am trying to be bilingual myself. i know how to speak spanish, english of course in pretty good hedonics. (laughter) >> gary: the dumbest superbowl question on record. being a black quarterback for the redskins. he was next it was
6:46 pm
a legendary story. you know that you are a black quarterback? >> pam: you know. no kidding. >> gary: late '80s. now it's 2016. i think the media has run out of questions. >> pam: i think so. (laughter) >> pam: starting to run out of questions. (laughter) >> gary: patent many have won super bowl win. --peyton manning >> gary: >> ely has helped me out. i
6:47 pm
have helped him out too. the siblings, and the same business. it is unique. we have an idea of what time we are going to need to have dinner. --to meet to have dinner and probably split the check >> gary: lady gaga will sing the sparse--the star spangled banner. she can sing. if you can remember, lady gaga hook herself up with tony bennett. >> pam: of course! >> pam: they make a great album. i have not seen the commercial. not that one.
6:48 pm
>> gary: lady gaga and tony bennett. if you look at my collection i have frank sinatra and rick ross. >> pam: you have a variety of the spectrum for it. >> gary: the song titles sorry with chris brown. he was dating a young woman but someone came in between it and he is upset and it ends tragically i think everyone should see this in the kron4 demographic. the boss, rick ross. >> gary: have you ever seen someone cooler than this? >> pam: i cannot think of anyone. (laughter)
6:49 pm
>> gary: no one makes more money on superbowl week then, joe montana. here is that jerry rice, he was participating as a driver. what? >> nice to meet you. what is your team? >> ibm 849 is guy. -- i am a 49ers guy >> you seem like you are a person that like music? >>singing >> i am jerry rice. (laughter) >> got it done baby. >> gary: that is cute.
6:50 pm
>> pam: that was great. >> gary: think lift one it to promote their services. >> gary: and the market for a not a quarterback rick the salary-cap reasons, they cannot let him go until next month. basically, they said today that john, you are not a part of our future. >> gary: warriors worked out today at chris mullin college of st. john in new york. curry, met with some of chrises players. he is an all-time great with golden state and now he is coaching college ball. >> is a treat to have the warriors here. with the
6:51 pm
number of excellence. >> love to see him. and to see the players. >> going to school here and spending my professional life with the warriors. and try to bring them together is pretty so real. >>--pretty surreal >> gary: now he is glenn to coach. >> pam: up! the rain is gone for now but more is on the way.
6:52 pm
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>> pam: and a reminder,
6:55 pm
kron4 is going all out for the big game. our crews will be fanned out across the bay area covering all angles of the super bowl sunday. coverage begins at 7:00 sunday morning ben kron 4 news at 8. right after the big game. with live reports with the super bowl champion on sports night live. a complete date of the big gain coverage right here on kron4. >> pam: that its bid for kron 4 news at 6:00. stay connected with kron4 and get latest news developments at kron4 dot com or download one of our mobile applications. our next newscast is tonight at the clock to see you then. good night.
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sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. "the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> a timid trump loses the iowa caucus and the papers cry "dead clown walking." >> i want to thank ted and all of the incredible candidates. >> but could donald trump's softer side stage a come back? >> it would be dangerous to count trump out at this point. then vanessa hudgens heart felt thank you to fans after losing her father and what really happened inside the "grease" control room for the live insanity. plus it's boys night out with jason sudeikis and his adorable son otis. >> the noise level at time was a bit too much for him?
7:00 pm
then, who's blackmailing george cloo >> they have photos of me in a compromising position. >> i'm with geor and channing new hollywood meets old hollywood. >> did you hear that? now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. first, giselle now is cindy crawford hanging up her run way sill let toes too? it's the end of an era. we are tracking that story. and the 49-year-old supermodel is sounding off today. the voters in iowa have sounded off. last night's caucus was a nail biter for both the democrats and the gop. but after trump's loss in iowa, will the donald now change his approach? let's go inside the media's newest spin on presidential political chess. >> there were surprises all around. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> ted cruz did what no other republican has be a


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